martes, 15 de abril de 2014

The mumblecores

 We had a little camera and we decided we wanted to make a film. We went to CVS and got a 3 dollar tape. Mark act in it and I shot it. Then we got into Sundance. "We thought it was a joke" Mark Duplass says with a smile in his face. The Duplass brothers have had 2 shorts in Sundance and then a feature film in 2005, called the puffy chair. One of the first films that started this whole "mumblecore" thing.
Mark Duplass says that one of the basic rules of film making is to have your parents give you 15,000  "You don't even need 15,000 thousand dollars"Jay Duplass corrects his brother. "Just write a script around the material's that you have."
This style of filmmaking becomes very personal. "This is what connects the puffy chair and tiny furniture for me". Two films were their writer decided to make a film highly personal. Because they choose to use themselves and real people to go within it. Lena Dunham uses her mother and her sister, Jay Duplass is actually going out with his girlfriend in the puffy chair.
Both The Duplass And Dunham talk in their interviews about a certain scape from Hollywood. For example Dunham talks about the film industry being less exited about taking risks. Luckily the technology is letting filmmakers do more material by themselves. Anyone with a camera can make a film she says. She admits that she didn't think that she could be a filmmaker until she saw the films on 2005 that the critics were calling mumblecore.

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  1. I really like where your blog post concludes - and the idea that what ties these two films together for you is that they are both "personal films" that reject the Hollywood system. You give a lot of support from the two filmmakers themselves. Your actual post is confusing, especially in your use of quotation marks - when you are quoting other people you don't always use them. And at one point you use them when you aren't given a quote but actually your own thought. I think you just rushed through the blog post - it doesn't showcase very careful writing. Even with short assignment like these I still expect you to be careful with your writing.