martes, 15 de abril de 2014

The mumblecores

 We had a little camera and we decided we wanted to make a film. We went to CVS and got a 3 dollar tape. Mark act in it and I shot it. Then we got into Sundance. "We thought it was a joke" Mark Duplass says with a smile in his face. The Duplass brothers have had 2 shorts in Sundance and then a feature film in 2005, called the puffy chair. One of the first films that started this whole "mumblecore" thing.
Mark Duplass says that one of the basic rules of film making is to have your parents give you 15,000  "You don't even need 15,000 thousand dollars"Jay Duplass corrects his brother. "Just write a script around the material's that you have."
This style of filmmaking becomes very personal. "This is what connects the puffy chair and tiny furniture for me". Two films were their writer decided to make a film highly personal. Because they choose to use themselves and real people to go within it. Lena Dunham uses her mother and her sister, Jay Duplass is actually going out with his girlfriend in the puffy chair.
Both The Duplass And Dunham talk in their interviews about a certain scape from Hollywood. For example Dunham talks about the film industry being less exited about taking risks. Luckily the technology is letting filmmakers do more material by themselves. Anyone with a camera can make a film she says. She admits that she didn't think that she could be a filmmaker until she saw the films on 2005 that the critics were calling mumblecore.

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Internet: The cure and the sickness of TV.

    The Cure & Sickness of TV

I remember when being really young and asking my dad to get me into the Cartoon Network webpage. My dad helped me and we ended up playing a couple of games that consisted in getting Scooby Doo from door to door until you could finally find the monster and unmask him. My dad had to leave to work and so he asked me to get of the computer. I asked him why and he said because I couldn't read yet.  I'm 18 today I was born in 1995 and I have very few memories that doesn't involve a computer. I was born with the internet therefore I learned to love it. Different to me, the people who weren't my age so the internet as a menace. Specially TV. 
Quickly the people drifted to their computers. And the ability to watch TV in your computer got easier and more convenient. One would be able to watch the show one wanted to watch at the time one wanted to watch it, with no commercials, and the ability to take a bathroom break whenever one preferred. 
It was the end of TV my father said as we watch everybody loves Raymond which didn't aired anymore but we were available to find in the computer. 
I've always been a bad TV viewer mainly cause I don't enjoy watching TV I don't have the patience to wait for seasons I prefer watching a movie. I used to think like this until the day i was introduced to The Bachelor. Yes I'll admitted all this years of watching the most intellectual complicated films and I was hooked to the bachelor. I told my sister to play the next episode immediately after the episode we were watching ended. She didn't pay attention she was on her phone. I asked her again and she said that I needed to wait for next week. 
Suddenly I had a moment of illumination, It felt like a had discovered an egyptian tomb, something that had been hiding for years and I had forgotten. It was called live TV. 
My sister was on the phone because she was on twitter talking about what she just saw in the bachelor and discussing with the world how disappointed she was with the person that the bachelor had decided couldn't stay in the mansion anymore. I told her that I didn't agree with her but it was my first time watching the show so she didn't pay attention to me. Twitter had opened the door for her to interact with people who had as much knowledge of the show at she had. I suddenly felt ignorant if I wanted to talk to my sister I had to see every episode from the bachelor.
What killed live TV at first had give it live again. If you didn't watch it live then you would like me not be "in" and would look ignorant in front of your friends and family.
Thanks to the internet now i have to think twice before missing the bachelor again.
          Copyright Criminal          

     During the last decade the invention of the turntables and the popularization of hip-hop music have turned the music industry to a battlefield between lawyers. Is the copyright law which was created to embrace artist in the first place, helping them; or is the copyright law limiting them and blocking the art to move forward
    Luckily for us the mashup artists there is a little clause in the copyright that recognizes the natural human condition to imitate. This little clause, sometimes forgotten, is called fair use. 
I'll use as an example De La Soul, with 3 feet high and rising because I believe is one of the best hip hop albums ever produced.  And I'll talk about me myself and I because it was one of their first singles and described the personality of plug one, two, and three(names that they used)
This is the list of the samples used
The principal reason why I would argue fair use has to do with accessibility. Accessibility to a studio to record instruments. Accessibility to play those instruments. If it wasn't for the ability to sample this songs De La Soul wouldn't have been heard.

The solution to the copyright law, I believed lays on Larry Lessig proposal. A private one were the artist instead of the record companies own the copyright. Once an artist recognizes the necessity of a read write culture. The artist can create their own limitations to who can use and who can't use their material.